December 08, 2011

Android OS

Google's Android operating system is an open-source platform that's currently available on a wide variety of smartphones. Android has its advantages -- it's highly customizable, for one -- but it's also somewhat geeky software that can seem intimidating to smartphone newbies.
Android is available on a variety of handsets, including Google's Nexus One (which is manufactured by HTC) and Verizon's Motorola Droid. The open nature of the Android platform allows handset manufacturers to customize the software for use on their handsets. As a result, the Android software can look and feel very different on different handsets.

Customizable Interface

All Android smartphones are touch-screen devices; some -- but not all -- have hardware keyboards, too. All come with a desktop that is made up of a certain number of screens (some Android phones have 3, others have 5, while still others have 7) that you can customize to your liking. You can populate screens with shortcuts to apps or widgets that display news headlines, search boxes, or more. The customization is certainly a bonus; no other smartphone platform offers as much flexibility in setting up your desktop screens to your liking.

In addition to using shortcuts on your various screens for accessing apps and files, Android also offers a comprehensive menu. You access the menu in different ways on different phones, but none of them make it difficult to find. From the menu, you can click on the small but neatly organized icons to access apps and features like the Android Market.

The Android interface will vary slightly from phone to phone, but, in general, the software itself has become more polished looking over time. The first version, which I reviewed on the T-Mobile G1 more than a year ago, was somewhat rough around the edges, appearance wise. The latest version, 2.1, which I tested on the new Nexus One, is far sleeker looking.

But even in its latest version, the Android interface lacks some of the polish and pizzazz found in two of its key rivals: Apple's iPhone OS and Palm's webOS. Both of these platforms look more elegant than Android. The iPhone OS, in particular, is a bit more intuitive to use; getting comfortable with Android can take more time and practice.
Android's open nature means that almost anyone can create an application to run on it. And you will find a growing selection of titles available in the Android Market, the platform's answer to Apple's App Store. Android supports multi-tasking, too, so you can run multiple apps at once. This means you can open a Web page, for example, and as it loads, check for incoming e-mail. It's handy.

Android also has the benefit of being closely tied to Google; the company offers lots of excellent mobile apps. Some, like Google Maps, are available on different mobile platforms, but others, like the excellent Google Maps Navigation (beta), are only available on Android phones.

Cause for Confusion

But not all applications run on all versions of Android -- and there are plenty of versions of the software out there, which can cause some confusion. The Motorola Droid, for example, was the first Android phone to feature version 2.0 of the OS. At the time of its launch, the Droid was the only phone that could run Google Maps Navigation (beta). Now, the Nexus One features the most recent version of Android (2.1, at the time of this writing), and is the only phone that can run the new Google Earth app for Android. And newer phones don't always run the newest versions of Android; some new handsets end up shipping with older versions.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that the different versions of Android offer different features, and that manufacturers can decide whether or not to enable certain features. For example, multi-touch -- which allows a phone's touch screen to register more than one touch at a time so you can do things like pinch and spread a screen to zoom in and out -- is available on some Android phones but not others.

Bottom Line

The Android OS lacks the elegance of its chief rivals, Apple's iPhone OS and Palm's webOS, and the fact that it's available in so many versions can be very confusing. But it has the benefit of being available on a variety of handsets, and offers customization its rivals can't touch. If you're willing to put in the time to learn all about Android and how to use it, you're likely to find that this mobile platform is powerful.
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May 06, 2011

Sport Betting Spot

Many thing I have to do in my daily activities. I have existing job as engineer in one of EPC company in Indonesia, and I also have my own business, as a new broch entrepreneur. And also I will never forget, I have one lovely baby boy and one lovely husband. So I have to manage my 24 hours to fulfill my offline job, as a good wife and also as a creative entrepreneur. All of this routinities sometimes make me stress and make me easy to angry. Its means that I have to take a break for a while. Sometimes I fresh my mind by going to a mall, watching movie and playing with my family. I love wathching movie a lot. So, when I am going to watch a movie, I always
read its movie reaview, so that I will have a little bit information about the movie.
When I was searching about movie review in internet, I found this lovely site.Sportbettingspot. This site is inform us about several nice movie and make a review of the movie. One of the movie review is “Two for the money”. This movie is starred by Al pacino ( as walter Abrams), matthew Mcconaughey ( as Brandon long), and Rene Russo (as Toni). Directed by D.J Caruso and written by Dan Gilroy .This movie is about a college football quarterback that the career is ending because he got injury. Yes, the quarterback is Brandon long (McConaughey). The injury is start when he breaks his leg on a game winning touchdown and never fully recovers. Before got the injury, Brandon have good insticnt and knowledge of the football, and it make brandon use his talents to pick winner in the las Vegas Sports betting arena. But, the injury is destoys all of his dreams.
Abrams (Al Pacino), is attracting in brandon skill in football. Abrams is a head of mega sport consulting bussiness in new york and sees himself as a greed feeding, gambling, and master manipulator. To recruit brandon in his manhattan bussiness, abrams is helped by his wife Toni (Rene russo). and Their plan is success. Brandon is agree to become a part of abrams's bussiness.
These 3 of star is high level artis in hollywood. Al Pacino is known as an actor and a director. He has won 4 golden globe awards and 2 Emmy award.Matthew McConaughey is known as an actor and also a producer. One of his best movie is "how to lose a guy in 10 days" a romantic comedies film.Rene russo is known as an actress and a model. Her first movie is in lethal weapon 3 and 4 appearing with mel gibson.
I am sure that this is a good movie. with its movie review, it will help me to know part of the story. So, i dont have to take more time to watch the movie
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May 04, 2011

Wire Brochess

This is my latest brochess
it called as wire brochess, a simple one. i just add it simple gold wire to make it more beautiful. This is my first broch using gold wire. Lovely and beautiful. i have to learn more about this wire assesories, so that i can make another beautiful wire broch.

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Flower Brooches

My flower brochess

I made this flower brochess because i got an order from someone in south Kalimantan. She ordered 1 dozen of these flower brochess. She also ordered 1 dozen of jilbab assesories. So to fullfill her order, i have to work hard. Because beside taking an order from her, i also got many order from my friend and also another person. make me tired, but it's okay, i am happy, because many people love my handmade assesories
Beside flowe brochess, i also made brochess called " basket brochess"

i use a natural stone for this brochess, and for flower brochess i use glass beads and combined with many pearl. it looks beautiful
so, which one is more beautiful?

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April 13, 2011

My lovely colorful butterfly

Hi there, here is some example of my lovely butterfly.
you can contact me if you want it some.

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Gold IRA and Gold 401k accounts

Now, I am already 27 years old. Already have a good job. Already have a good husband and also already have a lovely baby boy. Already have one small home sweet home. Seem that I have a complete and happy Life. Thanks to Allah that always give a happiness in my life. But, because of the things above, I have to think further about my life in the future.So that, if I get retired from my job, I can live happily with my family without thingking about money. One of my plan about my future is taking an investment. Maybe I can take an investment by buying some properties such as land or buildings. And many more.

When I was searching in internet about good investment for future I have found this site, This site is inform us how to take investment by buying some gold and other precious metals. Many information about gold investment that is showed in this site. Such as, Gold News, gold market analysis, gold IRA, gold saving for kids etc. So that we dont have to worry in investment in gold. Gold coin is come from various country, such as albania, andora, barbados, belgium,chile, costa rica, egypt, denmark, etc.You just can choose it one or more as your investment
Nowadays, investors are interesting in investment in IRA Gold. Why they are interesting in it ? Because With the more global economic condition growing and more uncertain condition and the other subjects, gold is the number 1 choice for IRA, gold 401k, 403b and pension plans. Gold in an IRA is the ultimate and nice asset. Here is the explanation. If you had purchased $25.000 of gold bullion coins in the early 70's and held on to it during the crisis, inflation, devalution of the US dollar, recession,and many other bad situation in a world, You can sell that gold today for $524.999. is a really nice value. It will make your pension period more easily. You just can enjoy your life without thingking about living cost and just live happily with your grandchildren.
Gold IRA accounts benefits from negative economic situation, political situation, environmental situation, or monetary conditions contribute to a rising gold price. This is the reason why is gold has always been referred as the “crisis comodity” and why many investors including us is rolling their 401k gold, and 401b's into traditional gold IRA.The proccess from start to finish to get IRA or 401k rolled over into a gold IRA take not in a long time, just 5 to 21 days. This company's crew of retirement account specialist works with your existing custodian to epedite your Gold IRA transfer or 401k rollover. The factors that usually effecting in rising of gold in gold IRA such as : war, inflation, high oil and gas prices, weakness in the US dollar, budget deficit, and many more. It's no wonder why investors and including us in the world over are interesting to such a stable and profitable investment for their 401k, traditional IRA, and roth IRA's.
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