May 06, 2011

Sport Betting Spot

Many thing I have to do in my daily activities. I have existing job as engineer in one of EPC company in Indonesia, and I also have my own business, as a new broch entrepreneur. And also I will never forget, I have one lovely baby boy and one lovely husband. So I have to manage my 24 hours to fulfill my offline job, as a good wife and also as a creative entrepreneur. All of this routinities sometimes make me stress and make me easy to angry. Its means that I have to take a break for a while. Sometimes I fresh my mind by going to a mall, watching movie and playing with my family. I love wathching movie a lot. So, when I am going to watch a movie, I always
read its movie reaview, so that I will have a little bit information about the movie.
When I was searching about movie review in internet, I found this lovely site.Sportbettingspot. This site is inform us about several nice movie and make a review of the movie. One of the movie review is “Two for the money”. This movie is starred by Al pacino ( as walter Abrams), matthew Mcconaughey ( as Brandon long), and Rene Russo (as Toni). Directed by D.J Caruso and written by Dan Gilroy .This movie is about a college football quarterback that the career is ending because he got injury. Yes, the quarterback is Brandon long (McConaughey). The injury is start when he breaks his leg on a game winning touchdown and never fully recovers. Before got the injury, Brandon have good insticnt and knowledge of the football, and it make brandon use his talents to pick winner in the las Vegas Sports betting arena. But, the injury is destoys all of his dreams.
Abrams (Al Pacino), is attracting in brandon skill in football. Abrams is a head of mega sport consulting bussiness in new york and sees himself as a greed feeding, gambling, and master manipulator. To recruit brandon in his manhattan bussiness, abrams is helped by his wife Toni (Rene russo). and Their plan is success. Brandon is agree to become a part of abrams's bussiness.
These 3 of star is high level artis in hollywood. Al Pacino is known as an actor and a director. He has won 4 golden globe awards and 2 Emmy award.Matthew McConaughey is known as an actor and also a producer. One of his best movie is "how to lose a guy in 10 days" a romantic comedies film.Rene russo is known as an actress and a model. Her first movie is in lethal weapon 3 and 4 appearing with mel gibson.
I am sure that this is a good movie. with its movie review, it will help me to know part of the story. So, i dont have to take more time to watch the movie

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