August 12, 2009

How to Make Money Using Your Blog

Now, there are several approaches you can consider to try to make money online. Sometimes it can get confusing as to which approach to pick first. The truth is that you can make good money online using a variety of different approaches from using affiliate marketing, adsense, eBay or creating your own product or service and marketing that. Here are some tips to help you succeed on your journey to making more money from the internet.

1.Set Proper Goals:

This is a very important step and it is one that very

few new internet marketers actually do. Most people jump onto the internet desperate to make money without realizing that they will face many challenges along the way. Setting proper goals will help to keep you focused and on track no matter what challenges you face along the way.

The first step is to decide your real reasons as to why you want to earn income online. Maybe you just want a little extra income to pay off a car payment. Perhaps you are more ambitious and are sick and tired of working at a job and want more freedom. Take your time and get in touch with the deepest reasons why you want the money. This will be the fuel that will keep you going even in darkest of times.

Once you have clear powerful reasons you must write these down on a piece of paper. There is great power in writing things down and something almost magical happens that makes the accomplishment of what you write down a thousand times more likely than if you just chose to try to remember it instead.

Next you need to decide on how much you want to earn 6 months, 1 year and 2 years from now. You must give yourself time to accomplish your goals so be patient. Also be realistic in the amounts you choose so a good example could be $500 a month 6 months from now and then $2000 a month 1 year from now and $5000 a month 2 years down the road. Do not look for overnight get rich quick schemes. Again you must write these income targets down ideally on the same paper that has the reasons also.

Now you need to review these reasons and income targets at least once a day. It does not need to take much time, simply glance at it and remind yourself of where you are going financially and believe it. You can even carry this paper with you so it almost becomes a part of you. Reviewing these things regularly will keep your mind focused and it will also activate the part of your brain called the reticular activating system that will work for you day and night to automatically find ways to make these things a reality. Just by creating and following through on proper goals like this you are already 90 percent of the way to success.

2.Pick A Proven Strategy:

The best way to select a proven strategy is simply to use common sense. Do not fall for get rich quick schemes because they are usually a waste of time. Some proven strategies to investigate and learn more about could be affiliate marketing, adsense, eBay marketing or if you have an idea for a product or service you could do that too.

Some proven ways to market and get visitors to your site are pay per click advertising, article marketing and also learn about ethical search engine optimization so you can also get free traffic to your site from the search engines. Each of these areas will require further investigation on your part so read as many free articles as you can about them as many of these articles are written by top internet marketing professionals. Visit an article directory like Ezinearticles and read their articles on internet marketing as they can offer great free advice.

3.Stick With It:

Anything worthwhile in life will require a commitment on your part and you will more than likely experience many obstacles along the way. At the start it is best to pick one proven method like affiliate marketing and stick with that. Learn all you can about it and become a real expert at it. That is how you will gain the specialized knowledge you need to become a super affiliate. Do not jump from one method to the next like going from affiliate marketing to eBay marketing just because things seem a little tough. Stick with it and in time you will discover a way succeed and make more money online.

Once again, i hope this helps and good luck with your blogging!

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