August 18, 2009

Tips to Manage Your Fear.

Fear can not be avoided when dealing with public speaking. For those of you who always face the same difficulty when doing a presentation or perform the role as speaker, following this tips that can manage your fear when doing public speaking.

-the one with all peope, always. Remember that you speak with one individual, not on an audience as whole. Connection of these people form a collective community that listens with respect and attention.

- Breathe. Before you start talking, take 5 - 10 second to silent, and at least one deep breath to get into and build relationships with your listeners when you do this first, the fear will begin to disappear naturally.

- Realize and capture the support of friendly faces. When you receive support before you start and when you start talking, you have the basis to feel comfortable, confident, and confidence.

- Be your self, the most force thing you can do is be real be your self and no one can do as good as you. Everyone has a story, unique to the message delivered, and vote for the special expression. Our attendance to speak much faster than any of we said.

- Listen. The best basic of the honest talk is to listen with an open heart. Communication is a two way relationship. Read your listener when you are talking open the opporunity for them to support you and what you to succeed.

- Leave the rest natural. Do not be affraid to stop, breathe, and approach to the listener. This will give you time to focus again, find your place, where sense and will continue. Also gives you the opportunity of hearing to get what they have heard.

- Quality above quantity. Ideally is to connect 100% to each person, not 100% make contact to people. Rated by group to the quality of connections is greater than the quality of contact.

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