November 16, 2009

Posting Articel On Your Blog Use MSWord 2007

Believe it or not?, Here is something new for you..
What you want to directly publish posts to your blog ?

Microsoft Word 2007 can be used to publish posts on your blogs. There is no plug-in or add-ons you need to install. Word 2007 allows you to connect to the internet and publish your posts. You can create and configure an account in word and start blogging. You can use it to publish your posts for Windows Live, Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress and others. After that you just need to provide the details for your images, and its done.
Just follow these steps and you are ready to start blogging from Word 2007

* Click the Office button, and click new, choose the option “Blog Post”.

* If you are opening it for the first time then it will automatically ask you for the configuration of an account, If not click on manage account, and click new.

* Choose your Blog provider and provide the login details.

* Then choose the image where you want to upload. You can choose to upload the images on your own server if your blog is a self hosted, choose “My Blog Provider” in case your blog provider gives you space to upload pics like blogger.

* When you are done with writing, you can publish the post directly or else you can also make the post to publish as draft.

You can also create multiple accounts to publish posts to separate blogs .
This is one great way by Microsoft to step into the blogosphere.
Happy Blogging..

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