January 04, 2010

Dog, Cats, and Healthy

for a pets lover, always accompanied by dog or cat absoloutely a lovely thing. however, do you know that having pets have benerfit more than as a friend ?
since 1880, many studies connecting contribution dog and cat to health improvement. This study showing that people who have dog and cats as pet have live expectation higher after attacked some disease, rare go to doctor, more healthy both of phisically and pcycology in their old age.

a study representated at annual assosiation stroke american meeting in 2008, showing that cats lover have little possibility dead because of heart attack or stroke.

dog is good for :
1. repairing your mood. More than 80 percent dog owner report that they feel happier.
2. become a new friend and invite a lot of friend : scientists from england found that dog owner meet and make a relationship with new people when they were walking around with their dog.
3. reduce their weight . a study from Missouri university showing that, walking with dog regurarly can reduce weight until 7 kgs per year.

Cats good for:
1. Make you relaks . many cats owner say that cat make them relaks.
2. Keeping your heart. a study recently showing that death rate cats owner caused by heart attack is 40 percent lower than them who dont have cat. scientist from columbia university showing that children who have cat as their pets have higher immunity.

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