May 02, 2010

Four Bad Habbit that Make you look Older

Not only our fast angry that make us old fast, as often mentioned by people. Apparently, the four bad habits, like smoking, consumption of alcohol more than three cups per day, exercise less than two hours per week, and to eat fruits and vegetables less than three servings a day can make a person older 12 years than their age.

The Conclusions were obtained through a 20-year study of 4886 adults in England were chosen randomly. A total of 314 men of the respondents did not have that habit, and only four of whom 32 died.

Overall, deaths caused by heart disease and cancer. Those who underwent four bad habits were also more than peers with healthy way of life. "There is no need to enter the category of extreme efforts to live a healthy, consistent and avoid the significant risk factors," said team leader Elisabeth Kvaavik researchers from the University of Oslo. The findings were also does not mean that by living a healthy lifestyle, a person will live longer than others. However, by avoiding risk factors, at least this step increase the chances of long-lived, "she said.

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