July 20, 2010

6 styles of War for Couple

The psychologist looked every relationship needs romance spices squabbling. Now living seen whether squabbling that healthy or not. Following six types of squabbling you need to know and how to solve it.

When you or he decide to soothe cranky when a quarrel, that is the cold war. This is because the cranky feel disappointed and do not know how to fix the problem.
The craftsman is cranky with time gave him to calm himself. Aggressive act will only make them react the same. Carpenters cranky when you want to talk, be considered late. This will make them cranky back. A relationship does not always have 50-50 (read: fifty fifty). Sometimes one must "invest" more patience.

2. FIRE Starter
For some couples argue is a form of passion. However, it should not bring the debate to bed. Once a twice a year can still be received. If this happens every time you and your partner want to make, you should start to separate between the debate and sex.

According to psychologist Anne Dickon, author book Difficult Conversation, if you need a trigger sexual passion in life, try to find it on other things. Origin should not be triggered as a passionate debate.

3. FRIENDLY dispute
Friendship is also a potential fracas. Even more exciting and sometimes dangerous if left on. If you can not be honest on the friend, means you never considered good friends. Indeed, sometimes difficult to overcome the problem if you always feel disappointed and used by a friend.

However, this can not continue to let happen. How can you, say what is in your mind, with a quiet way. Good friends, will not kick too long. As well as weddings and court, not of friendship, must be open and honest?

Squabbling is most danger of all of the squabbling. Because that can feel what the family, sometimes we forget how to keep their feelings. We are more important to keep feelings of others rather than their own family. This is often trigger conflict in the family.

Although still in one family, we do not have the right to harm members of our family more than other people. If you want to discuss issues that have been going long enough, find time and place to finish. Talk good things, if you need to calm themselves, that's fine. But problems remain to be completed.

5. Blow UP BIG
Contend is the most healthy way. Remove all that is in the chest, and clarify all issues melupakannya. For that, you must learn to solve the problem before the heart becomes hot. Section, rather difficult to discuss a problem if you are mad big.

6. FINAL Conflict
If every time you quarrel threatens to drop out or away from home (for the husband-wife), that is the final conflict. In fact this is how you attract attention or to emphasize how seriusnya problems that you and your partner face.

This includes not healthy. Threat to drop out or go out of the house will only destroy the trust pair. Go for one hour may be effective for you to calm himself, but do not forget to say that the problem will be discussed again later, and say you where to go.

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