June 29, 2010

Choosing Pacifier for Baby

Choosing Dot and Baby Bottles
Confused choosing your baby's milk bottles? Do not know which baby pacifiers should you buy? Find out how you should choose, maintain and use bottles and pacifiers baby ...

Should Your Baby Milk Bottle Sterile?

Yes. For that, you should boil the baby bottle and pacifier for about 10 minutes

You can do this just once every 2-3 days, provided you keep the baby bottles and nipples are in a clean place. Do not store it near the stove or oven, for example.

About the kind of baby bottles, this seems only a matter of taste alone. What is clear, choose a nice bottle for your baby and also easy to clean.

Baby Dot

Perhaps you are confused with various dot sizes on the market. What's the difference? Different actual hole just large, not the size pacifier.

Small baby pacifiers have smaller holes, so that droplets of milk does not make your baby is still very small choke. Drops are good for a newborn is about 1 drop / second when the bottle upside down.

Choose a convenient pacifier for your baby. Dot whose shape resembles the breast is the main option, to reduce the difference in form between the baby's mouth using a pacifier and when he was feeding directly from you.

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