September 05, 2010

Vitamin for growth

Here some of vitamin and mineral than can help in growth for baby:
1. Vitamina A
Mother's breast milk is a perfect source of vitamin A. Vitamin A also can help to eye growth and the other body fuction.It is can also help to grow imun system and help seeing ability at the night. we can give vitamin A by shed it directly or by food such as egg, green vegetables and yellow vegetables, fruits, and milk

2. Vitamin B
Vitamin B is the most important vitamin. vitamin B has many sub vitamin called vitamin B complex.start from pregnance time, women should consume vitamin B complex. this can affect in completion of embrio growth. it is can also help to take care of mother's body.Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 very important and needed by pregnant mother. Vitamin B complexs helping in baby metabolism through carbohydrate and protein, formation of blood cell and in building immunity.
3. Vitamin C
vitamin C known as Ascorbic acid and very important in healing of injury, keeping colagen and also can increase immunity from infection, health of gum and blood line.Vitamin C can found in orange, tomato, berry, red and green chili, brocoli and melon. You can also find vitamin C in vitamin tablet.
4. Vitamin D
The American Academy of pediatrics suggest to give addition of Vitamin D as 200 IU per day to baby.
5. Vitamin K
This is extra important vitamin for baby.Injection of vitamin K can be given for a newborn baby, this is for avoid of internal bleeding at newborn baby. vitamin K will stop bleeding and avoid body damage that maybe happen.
6. Vtamin E
You can give addition of vitamin E from Pill or shed. This is also known as Tocopherol. Vitamin E can help building of body immunity.
Beside vitamin, mineral is also important in baby growth. Zink, ferrum and flouride give advantages in baby's health and also development of their immun system

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