January 29, 2009

Diet at the office, why not?

controllong our body weight is the same with mathematics. To reduce our weight, we have to burn much more calorie in our body.
so, when your activity just sitting in front of computer, rare to move your body plus "hobby" eat snack, it will be very difficult for you to loss your calorie from the body. It can be imagined what would happen in next 2-3 years, it isn't? so, if you dont wanna nightmare come true, here are steps that you should do at working time.

1. Snack
many people love to snack and sitting in front of the computer. If you are one of them, just becareful. it will better you take fruits and fresh vegetables plus tomatoes ketchup from your home. it is advised not to place snack above the table, but you can keep it in unseenable place so you wont get temptated. if that strategy doesnt work, you can take enough portion.

2. enough drink
with healthy food, dont forget to drink mineral water, at least 8 glasses during working time. place glasses and bottle of mineral water above the table.

3. manage your lunch time
manage you luch time, you can eat part of your lunch meal at 11.30, an for about 3.00 pm if you feel so hungry, you can finish your lunch meal. arrange your lunch time to avoid excessive eat. it will better if you take your lunch meal grom home because you can control your portion exactly how many calorie that you have consumed.

4. limit the portion
by preparing lunch meal portion, you can control meal portion. you have to know portion for preparing meal. such as, one ons of meat for about thumbs finger.etc

5. Move
move your body although just couple moments. stand up from your chair and move around anytime you can do it.

here are several suggestion
1. go to lunch in restaurant or cafe that the distance is not to near from office by walking, dont drive a car
2. if it necessary, you can talk to your friend at office than sending an email or just calling.
3. park your car not to near by enter door
4. arrange your sport time. and it means that you have to always do that.
5. place the trash far away from your desk so that you need to walk to throw away the trash.

6.take the sport
move your body before and after working to balance your body that need some move because you always sitting in front of computer. if your office not to far from your home, it will better if you go home and go to the office by walking. do fitness after working.

7. invite your partner
invite your partner to do diet together. so you can give support during working time, eating halthy food together and doing fitness together.

8. you can try to form a group of fitness and gym or diet group at your office.

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