January 29, 2009

Tranlation of job vacancy, you must know

if you read job vacancy in newspaper, pamflet, magazine etc, try to understand it carefully, every word that have been written as a condition of jobseeker. here are free translation from several sentence.

1. required young staff, experient is not absolute
means : it is required young staff that prepare to given salary below the standar.
2. love challenges
means : you will face difficult job or exercise where no one in that company could hel finish and find the solution.
3. You have your own vehicle
means : company dont have enough money to prepare vehicle and operational transportation fee

4. Have driving licence
means: prepare to double role as a driver hihiihi...or doing some marketing job.
5. live not to far from company
means : prepare to go around to the office, dont care it is midnight, vacation day etc
6. have wide knowledge
means : field of job offered is not too specific.
7. required men or women
means: if they have equal capability, then the company will choose women
8. spend training time for about 3 months
means : it is the time for company to test you and if you pass this training, then the company will hire you.
9. want to work with deadline
means : the company already have a project that have to finish and ready to work daya and night.
10. want to work with contratc
means : the company just need you meanwhile.
11. honestly
means : the company need honestly in working.
12. can work in team
means : ready to teach matery to others employee that havent known that matery
13. ready to place out town
means : get a new lige in a new neighbourhood

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