August 21, 2009

5 Reasons A Monitor Goes Blank

Computer monitor problems can be very hard to troubleshoot, i mean if your monitor goes blank, how do you check anything on your screen. So that's why it's important to have 2 monitors in the house. Usually, if i have my desktop PC's monitor going blank, i'll immediately hook up the video card to another monitor. If the screen remain blank, then it could point to a video card problem. If the new monitor display an image, then it's probably the first monitor has run into problems.

Reason 1 : Wetness
The number one reason why computer monitor go blank is wetness. Believe or not, when your computer monitor is exposed to humid air, sometimes water can condense and

accumulate in the monitor. This causes the monitor to malfunction and go blank. I've had this happen to my desktop PC at least three times before what you need to do is to leave the monitor aone for some time and allow the water to evaporate. That usually solves the problem.

Reason 2 : Faulty Graphics Card
The next reason why your computer monitor goes blank is due to faulty graphics card. The best way to detect this kind of problem is to connect up a new monitor to your PC, then check if you have a blank screen. If you continue to have a blank screen, then it's likely your video cards is faulty.

Reason 3 : Faulty RAM
This one is less obvious and lee common, but it can hapen. You might sometimes get bad RAM modules which prevent your PC from booting up even to the basic BIOS startup screen. To detect this kind of problem is more troublesome, you might need to remove those RAM modules and insert them into another computer.

Reason 4 : Loose Connection
Another reason why your monitor goes blank is due to loose connections. The connection from the monitor to the mains is usually a culprit, as is the connection between the monitor and the video card. Check those connection before you declare your computer monitor as faulty.

Reason 5 : A Short Circuit In The Motherboard
And the final reason why you computer monitor goes blank its possibly because of a short circuit in the motherboard. This is the most udesirable outcome of corse, as you might have to replace your entire motherboard. However it's possible that this can happen, so keep your finger crossed and hope it doesn't happen to you.

And there you have it, the 5 reason why your computer monitor goes blank. Make sure you do a mental check of the above points the next time your monitor goes blank, don't be too quick to declare your monitor as faulty, until next time.


Louie said...

i have experience this one too and one of the reason is a faulty ram you just need eraser and rub it into your ram and whoala! it will work ^^

Booble said...

yup louie...i agree with you. thanks for your advice bro.