August 24, 2009

CPU Temperature Monitor.

If you having been working with computers for some time, you'll realize that it is absolutely critical to keep the CPU in your computer cool and running smooth.

If that CPU gets too hot and overheats you will run the risk of a asystem meltdown and fry not just your CPU, but also your motherboard and all the important data in your hard disk to.

So this article provides a review of a very good CPU temperatue monitor program that will assist you in keeping those CPU temperaturs in check.

1. Speed Fan

If you've been looking for a good CPU temperatur monitor software, look not further than SpeedFan. This is an amazing freeware program that not only monitors your CPU temperature, it can also do a lot more. For example, you can monitor even hard disk temperatures, voltage and also control fan speeds.

2. A Hardware Monitoring Tool

Now you need to realize that speed fan is at its core a hardware monitor. It accesses the temperature sensors in your motherboard to read the amount of heat build up. One of its more interesting capabilities is the control of fan speeds. If you've a whole bunch of fans installed in your PC case, you'll be glad to know that every one of them can be tagged and monitored by SpeedFan.

3. Ease of Use

Another thing, the user interface of SpeedFan is just amazing. It displays all the critical information you need, temperatures, voltages, and fan speed, right in the system tray icon.

If reading exceed a pre-specified threshold, the programs will alert you with a warning. You can also set some action to be triggered of as a result of this, like sending out an email for example.

Add to that some georgeous real-time chats and starts and we realy have a winner on our hands.


With its CPU temperature monitoring capabilities, as well as voltage checks and fan speed control, SpeedFan is a great tool, it's definitely one of the best tools i've come accross and to this day i still can't believe its free. Be sure to download SpeedFan here.

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