November 19, 2009

Five Best friend food for diet

The important thing in diet is to maintain Feed food that does not increase body weight. However, it certainly does not mean not eating at all. Here are foods and beverages that can accompany you to enjoy your diet.

1. Green tea and white tea.
its antidioxidan content able to facilitate the circulation of blood throughout the body. That way, your body will get vitamine evenly although you are on a diet.

2. Apple.
A large apple contains 85 percent water so it makes you always feel satisfied and full

3. Beri fruit.
The smooth circulation of blood is a benefit from consuming antioxidants contain in Beri Fruit. Smooth Blood circulation can improve the efficiency of muscle in contracting and burning fat.

4. Soybean.
Protein in soybean is able to bring feeling satisfied longer so you will avoid eating in many portions.

5. Yogurt.
probiotik content in yogurt can eliminate interference obstruction. Result, the more your digestive system healthy and you get your flat stomach.

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