November 16, 2009

Green Beans for Pregnant Mother

Nutritional needs of pregnant women increased dramatically. Including, vitamin B. Not a few who then recommended to consume beans. Such as, green beans.
Green beans are rich in vitamin B. In fact, more than when compared with vitamins B contained in milk. Benefits of vitamin B for the mother is relieve nausea.

Now, in order to obtain optimal benefits, processing would be appropriate. Because vitamins are present in green beans are vitamins that dissolve in water. you can boil green beans only in a little time. That is, once the water boils, boiled green beans removed. Not only that, in the process of boiling green beans are advised not to rupture.

Even if a pregnant woman is very like of green beans, it does not matter. If called, according to the nature of B vitamins dissolve in water, then the excess vitamins will be excreted through urine.

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