November 16, 2009

What kind of food that permitted for you

Here are several tips about food, good (+) and Bad (-) for you based on your rasio.
1. Carpicorn
(+) Tempe and tofu, made from soybeans with it Zinc content that good to keep your skin. except that you can consume seafood such as macarel and sardin, source of calcium good for your bone. orange fruit, guava and kiwi can be your daily healthy snack

(-)reduce consuming full cream cake such as tiramisu and blackforest. and also reduce consuming beef steak, gule kambing and sate kambing

2. Aquarius
(+) for you who love to eat seafood, it will better if you burn or steam the seafood with ginger seasoning. Omega from seafood is good for your blood health. spinach, lettuce and kankung is good to keep your blood pressure. you can consume green tea and low fat milk to keep your body weight.

(-) start to reduce consuming fried chicken and fried potatoes because it can make your cholesterol higher.also reduce consuming full cream milk and ice cream because it can make you look fatter.

3. Pisces
(+) consume a lot of mineral water is good for your body metabolism. Tuna, Salmon, makarel, sarden, and vegetables such as spinach, carrot soup are good for you
(-) reduce for consuming chocolate and nuts, fried rice, beverage drink and sweet drink. and also avoid to drink alcohol because it can damage your body.

4. Aries
(+) bread and red rice is good for your body because it is a source of energy and carbohydrate. you can also consume seafood because vitamin B6 containt in seafood can help to increase your immune system. consume apple, pir, strawberry.

(-)reduce for consuming coffee, steak and iga panggang.

5. Taurus
(+) consume sandwich with some cheese, fruit salad.
(-) to stabilize your sugar concentration, try to reduce sweet food.

6. Gemini
(+)red rice, red nut and green nut are good for you because its vitamin B1 is good for your heart. Banana, mango,pineaple are good for your face skin
(-) reduce for consuming lasagna and sphagetti, biscuit, chocholate and nuts because it is full of fat.

7. Cancer
(+)consume more vitamin A and C provided by watermelon and melon as an antioxidant and it can prevent from heart cancer. sea food is also good for you
(-)recuce from consuming asparagus, pouding with fla, cheese biscuits. and replace it with fruits.

8. Leo
(+)white onion is an antioxidant for your body.
(-) reduce tart and blackforest

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