January 14, 2010

The beneffit of Grape

Grape is not only can be used to process the fruit into wine but also has benefits for health. After a variety of research, it is known that grape have many benefits for the good of the body. Which are:
1. Fine Red grape For Heart
Hypothetical as the French Paradox revealed that mortality due to heart in the United States higher than France,meanwhile the blood pressure and cholesterol French society more than the United States. Once this was observed related to the customs people in france who like consume red wine daily.

Research shows that red wine contains flavonoid which is a substance such as vitamins that contains in its skin. Flavonoid antioxidants that can be prevent LDL oxidation in coronary vessel walls. Flavonoid is found in many purple grape , because it is consuming purple grape juice may provide protection for the heart. Many people trow away the grape seed when blended at the time, this is wrong. In fact one third of flavonoid contents in the seed would be.

However for the patient's diabetes should be careful with the contents of sugar from the juice, it is because 20-25% of wine is the actual sugar. While for the wine we are drinking may not exceed 60 ml / day.

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