January 14, 2010

Massage and the benefits to our body

Massage Such as private massage , man massage, etc., with the right techniques can help to drive feeling stiff and sore the hammer felt in every joint, and to help expedite the blood circulation in the body. But not only that, the touch of the right point in the joint that will also make we feel fresh sensation and rileks

Until now, massage is still a favorite choice for many people for body relaxation. the kind of massage can be man massage, private massage or other massage. Rheumatic and stiff feeling tired can be minimized with massage for several minutes. In fact, this traditional way can also be done to help improve health. Therefore, It is not surprising that massage also always take part in the process of treatment for the body. you can say when the hair treatment, such as shampoo, creambath, or simply cut hair, and especially in the spa that is focused on the concept of body and soul relaxation.

Now, a variety of massage techniques are developed in which each technique has a distinctive purpose and effect such as man massages, private massages, traditional massages, etc.. Start from massage that use Meridien points on foot for treatment, to a baby massage techniques.

For baby, Massage is one way to improve communication and braided closeness with parents. A touch of art can help provide this sense of comfort and relaxation for the baby. Therefore, regular massage is done every morning or night before bed so that baby can sleep asleep. Each massage was also one of the ways to provide stimuli in all senses of the baby, and
help the emotional relationship between parents and babies. Use oil for soft skin and baby massage slowly.

When children have grow, massage can be done to give effect body relaxation. Especially in this age, in general, children do more physical activities that may injure their muscle. Therefore, listen to complaints of the children and give a massage with the pressure that is not too hard. Sometimes, the complaints in the neck shoulder and back can be triggered due to a stimulus continuously since small.

At the age of adult, massage is generally a key to drive-away feeling tired and stressed due to work load. This massage is the more complex nature, which gives a more complete relaxation, good for the body, mind, and soul. As released from The Touch Research Institute, University of Miami, massage gives a positive impact
on the stress response and performance after a 15-minute chair massage use. Other health complaints such as dizziness, insomnia, or sore joints can be assisted with the massage.

Meanwhile, for old, the massage regularly can press the rate of blood pressure, improve blood circulation, relax muscles, and stimulate the weak muscles to work. Of course, would be better if the massage techniques to provide maximum results.
On the other hand, each country also has a specific way to give a massage that essentially freshness and relaxation after a massage. Type, such as man massages, massage expat, etc.. One thing must be remembered, nothing wromg to uses therapeutist massage professional, who already know which part should be and should not be massaged.

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