January 20, 2010

Tips To Saving electricity

Electricity tariffs rising continue make your head dizzy? From now on, just try to tighten our belts and encourage all family members to economize the use of electronic goods that are less useful. How?

Replace all incandescent lamps used in fluorescent lights. It is True, the neon is much more expensive, but the lamp is using less electricity and make your home too much brighter.

Do not use electronic devices simultaneously. Use one for the family television. When you are ironing, do not turn on the engine water pump, and vice versa. Use electronic devices that require large electric power alternately.

The number of electronic devices on-standby power as TV, VCD which can be turned off immediately by remote control. Though this condition actually 'eat' a lot of electricity. From now on, turn to remove electrical contacts on all electronic goods.

Minimize open the refrigerator door, for opening the refrigerator door too often and in a long time means that adding an electric traction.

Connect the AC timer to turned off automatically in a given time.

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