April 23, 2010

Treat Well Your Towell

You often dry it in moist area ? it will better from now on notice that, because of the use and bad maintenance of the towel ,will be made bad effects especially on skin health.There are a few tips on use and care of towels:

1. Use a towel in accordance its types and functions.

2. Soak and wash newly purchased towels before using so that residues from the towel-making process may be lost.

3. Dry the towel in a dry place and exposed to the sun, so as not humid and not easily covered in mildew.

4. Replace towels every 2-3 days using a towel to prevent smells and prevent bacterial growth.

5. Separate towels with other laundry.

6. Do not use dry cleaning system, because this process uses chemicals.

7. Wash towels with plain water, or warm water until the temperature 60 degrees Celsius.

8. Iron the towel with a medium temperature and store in a dry enclosed area.

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