April 20, 2010

Web Hosting Fan

I love blogging so much, because I can add many friend there and increase my knowledge in many subjects. As a blogger it is mandatory to have a website to upload our statement and opinion. But for a while, I just take free domain from blogspot to upload my opinion. Because I just a newbie in this blogging world. If I feel that I am good enough in blogging, I will buy web from webhosting provider and then I will have my own website.

Web hosting
service is a type of internet hosting service that allow individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. While I was searching at internet about webhosting service, I found this lovely site. Webhostingfan, Here you can find many information regarding website hosting industry news, latest trends, reviews of the best web site hosting provider.
Webhostingfan offer you many interesting stuff, such are unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer and 90 day money back for Inmotion hosting (price $5.95/mo). For Justhost.com, webhostingfan offer you unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer and unlimited domains in 1 special price $3.45/mo.For Ipage, webhostingfan offer you unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited domains in 1 special $3.5/mo.
You can also update your web hosting news in top 10 web hosting which are :Ipage hosting, Inmotion hosting,justHost,Fatcow hosting,WebHostingPad,HostGator,SuperGreen,BlueHost,HostMonster and Ultra Hosting.
Another webhosting news provided by this site is many information about Content Management System or CMS, e-commerce, a vital piece of web hosting software, a basic guide of cPanel,Protection for your hosting provider and many more.
Because of many nice offering from webhostingfan, I thing that I interested in this webhost provider.So I have to call them quickly.


Anonymous said...


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