August 16, 2010

Effect of red, yellow, Green and Blue for healthy

You might be hear that color is affecting at healthy. Regarding of several health expert, at common disease such as stress, color is believed affecting psycology that can cure someone's disease. Maybe because of that, choosing of dinner wall's color must different with work room wall's color. For Work room, to give you support so that you can concentrate at your work, it is needed the right color etc.

Meanwhile, Ircham Machfoedz and Eko Suryani, at their book, reveal color effects at healty. The examples of the colors are basic four colors, which are :
red can stimulate energy and vitality, sharpening vision,hearing, feeling and help to survive. Red also can stimulate blood circulation and adrenalin production. Red also can warming our body. But, red have to decreased to emotional people, that too active because it can stimulate to be overactive
2. Yellow.
Yellow is the center for the whole nerve system, so that can refreshing weak nerve. Can control digestion,constipation and liver.Thats why, yellow can reduce feeling from depresion or stress. Beside that, yellow can stimulate appetite and launch blood flow. Yellow is also can stimulate vision and hearing and known as supporting of intelegence.Yellow is also can stimulate harmonity in live and also can keep balance and optimistic.
3. Green
Green can calm composition of nerve. the people who often feel stress can be helped by green. Green from leaves that contain chlorofil, have compotition to clean the body.
4. Blue
Blue is opposite with red. That why, blue can limit and lower process that can strengthen of the body condition and too active cerebration. this color can be calm color, that can eliminate inflammation. Blue is also can cure insomnia.

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