August 18, 2010

Food that can Burn your fat

The most effective way to accelerate metabolism, a process where body burn its fat, is with decreasing body weigth or build more muscle.However, you can also do that by consuming food below :

1. whole serelia and oat
complexs carbohydrate and fiber can increase metabolisme with keeping insulin content to stay lower after we take a food. This way will give advantages because insulin production will deliver signal to body to keep fat. And when body keeps fat reserve, metabolisme will be slower so that the calorie burned will be less.
2. Milk Calcium
Althought it contains of fat, however calcium at milk will stimulate metabolism. Research done by team from University of Tennesee found that people who diet and consume 1200 mg of calcium every day, its bod weight will be decrease more than the people who less consuming calcium.
3. Green Tea and Coffe
Green tea and coffe contain of cafein that can accelerate heart rate. If our heart rate faster, then more calorie will be burned. Beside that, Green tea also contain a chemical component called EGCG that work like a cafein that affecting nerve system so that it will work faster in burning calorie.
4.Salmon and Tuna
several researches showing that hormon leptin directly affecting metabolisme and determine how many calorie that have to burned and kept. a Researcher from University of Wisconsin found out that a mouse that have less leptin content will have faster metabolism and can burn more calorie that mouse that have more leptin content.How to decrease leptin content? consume fish.


Okuma said...

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