August 02, 2010

Long Lasting Parfume

Show fragrant all day might be more aroused everyone's confidence. Perfume is one of the weapons that must be worn by any person either women or men.Every person must have a favorite perfume, but not necessarily the same perfume will smell the same issue on everyone's body. All you have to remember using perfume have its own way so that you stay all day without making the person beside you dizzy when smell it. So it's good you see a few tips below:

The first is to spray perfume on your own skin, especially a part that has a pulse as the inner wrists, inner elbows and neck. So That ,the smell of perfume that you wear throughout the day could be more attached.

We recommend that you do not splash too much on the back of the ear or near the face. If you do this it will make your skin dry. Also avoid rubbing the skin that has been sprayed with perfume. It's good you let it dry out naturally in order to survive longer lasting scent.

When you want to wear perfume , avoid your clothes and jewelry expose with the parfume. If this happens it will make you fashion and jewelry worse,and even cause stains or discoloration.

You also must consider how to store your favorite perfume to keep the fragrance of the perfume. Because of the fragrance perfume store will change. All you have to pay attention is to make sure that the head of bottle's parfume attached so strong, so that parfume will not easy vaporize.
You must also avoid keeping parfume in the hot places, evenmore a place that get sunlight directly.But you do not need to keep parfume at refrigerator. the important thing is, you should keep it in a cool place.
if you store it too long, it will also change its fragrance.

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