August 03, 2010

1 of 10 people suffer insomnia

Insomnia or hard to sleep is attacked 1 of 10 people in USA. Insomnia can be can not close the eyes all of night, wake up in the middle of your sleep and hard to sleep again, wakes up several times,wake up too early and not to fresh after wake up from sleeping.
Beside that, it is recorded that cronic insomnia as the worst insomnia because the patient can not sleep for a month or more at some of their night. there is also insomnia short time, hard to sleep for 2-4 week, and insomnia transient that happen in several days.

however, PRof Dr Ali Khomsan in his article, state that actually only 30 % of insomnia sufferer that really disturbeb.insomnia can happen because of condition of soul such as stress or physic disturbance.too much sleep at day also cause we can not close our eyes all off the night.
Ali also state that actually, sleep during the day is not necessary.Hormon melatonin that released by pineal kelenjar is a natural clock for body.This hormon start to flow when sunset. This hormon is ordering our body to get rest. During the day, this hormon is not produced.
Physical environmet can be noise near living place, such as noise from factory or train that pass. temperature that too hot or too cool, can affected in insomnia
Too much drink coffe or drink that contain cafein, smooking or drinking alcohol near by our sleeping time, can cause insomnia.
Serious affects from insomnia can low our productivity. Insomnia sufferer often sleepy during the day and can not concentrate in their work

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