August 03, 2010

The benefits of Breakfast

For a parent, espesially a mother, nutrition for their children is the first attention. Giving the best for family and children is always be a will of a mother.
Moms need to know, why breakfast is important for children. Check these data below so that moms know how important breakfast to help children facing their activity at school.

1. Breakfast supplying nutrition
if children have not take a breakfast yet, so 30% energy and nutrition will dissapear. this dissaperance is not easy to balanced by added some addition nutrition during the day or the night.
2. Breakfast giving energy
children generally have the tight school schedule. Beside activity at school, they also have extra activity, additional course and homework. ofcourse they need energy and good nutition supply to start their day.
3. Fix their mood
Loosing blood sugar during the night, where 8 to 10 hours without supply of food will decrease mood of the children.
4. Help children to get achievement at their school.
breakfast can recharge blood sugar to give energy at the brain. many survey show that breakfast have an important role to help children more concentrate so that they can get achievement at their school.

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