August 09, 2010

Notice 6 things before Lull your baby

Sleeping is an important activity for a baby. Baby needs more time to sleep to support their body and brain development. Baby 0-2 months needs sleep hour for about 10.5 - 18 hours a day. Baby at age 2-12 months need sleep time for about 14-15 houts a day. And for baby age 1-3 years, they need sleep time for about 12-14 hours a day. Here are supporting tips that need to do to lull the baby.

1. Supply enough food and drink for the baby
many of babies hard to sleep and often wake up during their sleeping because they havent full yet. Because of that, supply enough food and drink before their sleeping time.
2. Wearing the right sleeping dress
choose confortable sleeping dreess. fit it with your baby size. Dont choose too big or too small. Choose the dress that have soft material.Comfortable sleeping time help baby to sleeping well.
3. Clean your baby's body
sweat and dirty after take a food and playing, can cause baby's skin get itchy that will bother their sleeping. It will better to clean your baby's body with a wet towel before sleep. If it necessary, you can pour baby oil at their skin.
4. Set the room and its temperature
manage room condition so that your baby comfortable to sleep. It is included setting light, ventilation, the colour, temperature and its box condition.
5. Take a pee before sleeping
6. The Choosing of their diapers, choose the best one so that the baby will comfortable at their sleeping time

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