September 21, 2010

Tea to make your food more delicious

Drinking 2 to five cup of tea a day is very good for heart and brain. Beside that, there is another benefits of tea, which is you can add tea at your favourite food. Tea will enrich taste of the food without increase calorie content, salt content,sugar or fat at the food. Robert Wemischner, the writer of Cooking with tea, said that consuming tea leaves can give positive result at diet program. Try to combine tea leaves as below:

1. As spreads material
add 1 spoon of black tea leave that have been roughly chopped at your mix ingredients that already done. then, spread all of them at the surface of chicken, meat or raw meat. Wait it for 10 minutes before cooked. Tips : use fresh tea leaves or take it from tea bag
2. As a stock material
add brewed tea to mixed stock, and then pour it on meat or fish that cooked slowly. tips : use black tea at food that served with red wine or green tea when it served with white wine
3. As a seasoning
warm a cup of fresh lemon juice that have been mixed with 1 spoon of black tea leaves. Take it, and wait for 5 minutes, and then filter the leaves.

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