September 22, 2010

Not all Fast Food are dangerous for us

Although delicious and attracting, fast food is not too good for our healthy and make us fat. But, this is not meaning that we can not taste fast food at all.The important thing is just manage the rule for consuming it so that you stay healthy and can manage your weight.

1. Small Portion
If you want to eat fast food such as hamburger, cheeseburger or fried chicken, choose kids menu or take small portion. It because, at 7 ons of cheeseburger, you will get 606 calories and 29 gram of fat. To solve the problem, you can take it in small piece of cheese burger. just share cheese burger with your friend. add yoghurt as a dessert.
2. Add vegetables
Hamburger and sandwitch is a healthy food, if it not contain of cheese, salad dressing or mayonaise. fish and chicken contain lower calorie than meat. But avoid chosing hamburger or sandwitch that fill with chicken that fried with flour.Beside that, decrease chees and add some selada leaves,cucumber and tomatoes. Mustard and olive oil can be choosen.
3. Decrease salt
Ask to the waiter to decrease salt at meat, fried chicken, fried rice, especially for sandwich.
4.healthy drink
Refer as Judith stern, ScD, RD, profesor nutrition of university of california, almost in every drink contain of sugar, such as soda, cappucino also fruit juice. Sugar contained in drink can increase calorie in body and press nutrition absorbtion from food. it will better to choose pure fruit juice non sugar or mineral water. You can also order a cup of tea non sugar that good for heart, can againt cancer and strong your bone.