October 21, 2010

Let Swim.....:)

Bath time is the most lovely time that waited by baby and children. According to the expert, they are very happy if they play with water. Why?
Baby and children love to play water because this activity can remember them when they are still at mother's stomache. nine months they lived in he amniotic fluid in the abdomen Mother. So that, it is difficult if we ask them to stop their bath time. When your baby reach 4-7 months, take them to swim.

But dont surprise if your baby is still affraid to get into the pool. This is normal because water volume at swimming pool is more than water volume at their bath tub.The important thing is, mother should create safe condition so that it will make them confident. You should say that you will not let them alone until they can do it by theirself.
For introduction, mother can fill their bath tub with more water almost full. Keep try until they can do swim activity alone, Because you can take many advantages from swimming such as :
1. train their motoric
by swimming, they will move all part of their body,that automatically train their motoric
2.train body balance
3. Make their sleeping time more qualified

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