October 26, 2010

Tips to take your children at vacation

It is exiting to take your children take a tour. Especially if your baby is still a toddler, even the smallest thing will attract their attention.But, sometimes, take a baby take a vacation will make some trouble.So here is tips so that your baby will enjoy their trip

1. Choose the right tourist place
Do not bring your children to the boring museum. You should take them to live attraction, fantastic and have activities that can make your children move their body. such are the zoo, water park etc
2. Long travel
the age of the children can be a base how long is the time for the children. If your children is 10 years old, so 10 minutes is too long for them. Now imagine if you have to take them to object tourism that too far. Because of that, you should consider time and how far the toursm object.
3. Sleepy
After take an activity all day long, your children start to getting sleepy and tired.So, you should make sure that they take enough rest before take a trip. You can also prepare pillow at your car. So that, your children can sleep at car while travelling to toursm object.
4. Hungry and thirsty
You should prepare snack and several mineral water for your children. So, if your children is thirsty and hungry, you do not have to buy it at another store
5. Attractive game
Children quick feel boring, so that you should bring their favourite toys, so that in travelling they will never feel bore.

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