November 23, 2010

Beware of Fat on Your Stomach

Being Overweight khown can trigger various disease in our body. Over fat that lies near by our stomach can trigger production of imunity cell called pro inflammation that can increase inflammation in the body. If someone can success to reduce their body weight, fat near by their stomach will be reduce so that production of imunity cell "pro-inflammation" will decrease and immunity will increase.

System body immunity consist of various cells that can protect our body from bacteria attack, virus and another germ. These cells lives in certain balance to maintenance someone's healty.
But, many factors can effect this imunity system ability such as over fat in our body. If this happen, so our body will create some of immunity cell that can harm our body, not protect it.
Scientists have known that over fat, especially fat near at our stomach can trigger production of imunity cell "pro-inflammation" that circulate in our blood and increase inflammation in our body.
One of the cronic inflammation have been connected with arteri coroner and another health problem. Beside that, imunity cell that can cause inflamamtion is also known with makrofag that also active in fat network

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