November 24, 2010

Food that Can Increase your Mood

Serotonin, is an organic particle at our body that can make we feel very comfortable and rileks and can not be produced by the body without existing of amino acid called tryptophan. Without Serotonin, our mood will decrease. Tryptophan can be found by 10 foods below.
Lower serotonin often connected with liver problem, worried to stomach disorder.At his ebook tittled "The Serotonin Secret", Dr Caroline Longmore said that the way to get tryptophan maximum is by manage and arrange our food comsuption.

10 foods that can increase our Mood are:
1.Mung Beans
2. Lobster
3. Turkey
4. Asparagus
5. Sunflower seeds
6. Cottage cheese
7. Pineapple
8. Tahu
9. Spinach

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