December 13, 2010

Beware, Stress is dangerous for Women

Continoual Stress at workplace or at home, probability is more dangerous for women than for men. Women is more sensitive at the effect of cronical stress. Generally, it is said that women is responsed stronger to the stress than men.

If it can handled good by a body, stress can have benefits implication in preparing organism to respon to run or fight. But, if our body in bad condition when this hormon is produced as extrim, stress can be dangerous for body.
For Example .:high concentration of stress hormon can cause one of the factor that can bother our immunity in fighting for infection and diseases.Serious disease such as disfunction autoimun is connected with difference of concentration of glucocorticoid (stress hormon) that higher at women than at men'
Researchers said that better knowing at difference of the way of men and women respon to the stress can produce better medication to fight this disease that connected with the stress that affecting women.


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