December 22, 2010

What type of a Mother you are

If you currently become a parent, offcourse you will say to your own heart : its very difficult become a parent. There are no books or seminars that can give informations how to become a parent detail. However, every children is an unique personality. You have to always flexible in following their attitude. If you want to know, what kind of a mother you are, check this out.

1. Traditional mother
warm and have a nurturing spirit, and work hard to be a perfect mother. Always put the interest of children and always be a mother that makes her own cookies at home. When your children come home from playing or from scholl, you are the first person who they are looking for.
The advantages: able to make your children became the centre of attention, feel loved and adored unconditionally.
2. Mother and also a friend
you are the type of women that dont want to create a distance with your children, alwasy rileks and try to follow what are your children liked. children tend to regards you as a brother than an conventional mother
The advantages : able to receive your children with all of their pros and cons, so that your children feel understood and do not have to pretend to get your attention. But you also have to carefull, your children will tendend to denied you because they regard you as their friend.
3. Free mother
You want independence and also for your children. You feel have a right to get their time and children are also free to use their time. You always encourage them to dare to think and make decisions, believe that that a good mother should let their children to get their own freedom and independence.
The advantages : You give a space for your children to develop their personality and create their own life. you support them to learn from their faults. in the other side, you also can enjoy your activities.

```to be continued````

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