December 30, 2010

Why do we have to consume vegetables

Wheather you realize or not, consuming vegetables can give us many advantages for our health. Want to know more? lets check this out.Based on dotcomwomen, there are many advantages that we can take from consuming vegetables. whick are:

a. Vegetables is a main food at the whole world
generally, the main menu in the whole world that most served is a food that contain
wheat and beans that content less meat, milk and eggs content. Scientists have found that diet that burn 2500 calories will supply more protein 50% than 98 % world population needed.
b. Consuming vegetables = healthy
until today, many health journal showing that diet by consuming vegetables is a healthy diet.
c. Consuming vegetables will never make you malnutrition
d. Vegetables is good for our heart
e. vegetables help us to against diseases
f. VEgetables is good for athlete and also for children.
Let go back to nature
the first inportant point is our food that we consume should come from natural material. natural food means that the food free from chemical substance that do not needed by our body.

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